Ukrainian Postal Sheet



截止訂購及入數日期 : 2023年3月5日
到貨時間 : 約為確認訂單後的 24 – 31 天 (此為大約時間)

時間過得好快,唔經唔覺烏克蘭已經打咗仗一年🇺🇦 雖然而家注目度已經冇咁高,不過佢哋嘅國民一直都堅持緊🦾 官方仲出咗紀念郵票畀大家可以好好記住呢件事📮
今次可以訂嘅係專為抗戰一周年嘅紀念郵票,郵票上有Banksy 響上年畫嘅小孩擊倒柔道巨人嘅畫作,從而鼓勵國民繼續努力對抗入侵💪🏼 一張有6 枚郵票,如果大家想買多啲又或者想自己支持下都可以直接上佢哋官網購買,真心希望烏克蘭可以笑到最後🙏🏼🙏🏼


February 24, 2022, around 4 a.m. in the morning Kyiv time, the President of the Russian Federation announced a “special military operation” in Ukraine, after which Russian forces launched missile strikes on Ukraine and began a full-scale military offensive. For Ukrainians, 2022 has become a year of national unity, a year of courage and strength, a year of endurance and self-sacrifice. The Ukrainian people impressed the world and were awarded prestigious international awards: Charlemagne (for the protection of European values), named after Andriy Sakharov (for freedom of thought), from The Atlantic Council (for outstanding leadership), the Foundation named after Kazimir Pulavskyi – “Knight of Freedom” etc. The postal edition, dedicated to the anniversary of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, features one of the seven graffiti of the English artist Banksy, created by him in Ukraine in 2022. Graffiti with a judoka sent to knockout, the artist painted on the wall of a destroyed house in the village of Borodyanka (Kyiv region). Postage stamp “PTN PNH!” – a charity issue of Ukrposhta. Charitable contributions collected in this way will be directed by Ukrposhta to the reconstruction of educational institutions destroyed by rocket attacks of the Russian Federation.

The author — of the graffiti on the stamp ©BANKSY
Release date — 02/24/2023
Circulation — 1,500,000
Face value is F+7
Ukrposhta catalog number is 2028
The size is 109×109 mm
The number of stamps in the sheet is 6

1. 到貨時間大約為確認後 24 – 31 天
2. 若訂單缺貨而沒有提供後備選項,我們會安排退款。
3. 若訂單多於一款貨品,缺貨貨品會退款處理,其他貨品繼續訂購。
4. 若閣下收不到報價電郵,請查看垃圾郵件/促銷電郵欄,或帳戶內的 “我的訂單” 。
5. 若閣下選擇 [ 順豐站 / 順豐智能櫃 ],落單時請輸入分店編號/點碼。


Russian warship … DONE! Death to the enemies!, The Crimean bridge encore!, FCK PTN!